Making complex simple and simple


Hello! And welcome to my creative corner.
I'm Harika, a multidisciplinary designer, working in highly complex industries trying to make products more ...human.
Working to make drugs affordable at Kalderos
Worked to make mental health accessible at Tempus Labs
About Me
Hi! I'm Harika, an Architect turned
Product designer.
As a Product Designer, my focus has been on complex sectors that are going through digital transformation. I look for a mission and how design and design thinking can help leverage this mission. Through my various jobs I was able to work in different areas of healthcare, finance and retail. I have experience designing internal laboratory tools, mental health care products and payment reporting tools for drug manufacturers.
what i'm good at

Systems thinker

I approach design from a holistic viewpoint.

Visual nerd

I spend way too much time thinking about things others don't care about.


I like pushing the boundaries both in design and in life.