Real World Data tooling

Product thinking, UX
Tempus Labs
Jan '22 - Ongoing
1 Senior PM, 1 Data scientist, 1 GM of Operations, 1 Medical science liaison.
I helped in finding the market fit for this product through research, focus groups, one-one interviews; gathered requirements; designed a demo, conducted usability studies on it.
Project summary

Real world data helps clinicians make treatment plan for their patients with the help of de-identified data from patients with similar profile. The RWD provides clinically relevant information about psychotropic drugs as it relates to the patient, thereby forging the era of precision medicine in mental healthcare. The results are derived by analysing 3 million de-identified patient profiles. Through the application a psychiatrist, PCP or a NP can create a cohort, lookup top 10 most efficient medications and assign one for their patient.

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