Hello! I'm Harika

I have 8+ years of experience in the field of design. Starting off my career trajectory with Architecture, I have a deep empathy for my users by way of observation.

As a Product Designer, my focus has been on complex sectors that are going through digital transformation. I look for a mission and how design and design thinking can help leverage this mission. Through my various jobs I was able to work in different areas of healthcare, finance and retail. I have experience designing internal laboratory tools, mental health care products and payment reporting tools for drug manufacturers.

When I'm not working, you can find me throwing clay on the potter's wheel, painting the Chicagoland skyline and tending to my mini home jungle.

Design Process

Framing the Question

Learning the motivation of the initiative. Is there a business goal? How are we measuring success?


Learn everything I need to know about the problem or opportunity. Analyze and share with stakeholders.


Go broad with ideas. Collaborate with SME's. Bring in a diverse set of voices into the ideation phase.


Identify the most tangible solution and go deep into building high fidelity mocks.

Test and Refine

Conduct usability tests, socialise the product through stakeholder walkthroughs etc


Identifying edge cases through collaborating with Engineering partners.

Launch and learn

In order to become an 'Outcome' driven designer. I like to learn about my users behaviour using Pendo, Logrocket...

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